Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome to Stationery Engineers!

Welcome to a new blog, Stationery Engineers, formed by Sabi96 and Kupo408 and a few others from the Nintendo Papercraft forum! We will bring you new papercrafts as a team, primarily from Nintendo games. We hope you will enjoy our future works.

Members List:
Kupo408 (Designer, Testbuilder, Founder)
Sabi96 (Top Designer, Founder)
Gipi (Designer, Testbuilder, Co-Founder)
Jalhalla (Testbuilder, Co-Founder)
darklink64 (Testbuilder)
Oli Gig (Testbuilder, Unfolder)

NOTE TO DESIGNERS!! Don't post any new model on the home page, make a new post and move them to the released papercraft page

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