Released Papercraft


Height:Variable depending on the placement of the antlers, around 24 cm
Width:Again, depending on the angle of the arms, about 19cm.
Difficulty: Medium
Testbuild:Kupo 408

The Anouki is, most likely, a duck-moose-fox-cute thing cross wearing a coat.  The model is pretty easy, the only reason it gets the meduim tag is cause of the closing, best to build face down, close at the butt.I recommend very good glue for attaching the antlers, the connection is very small.


Height: About 10cm
Depth: About 3cm
Number of Pages: 1
Difficulty: Easy
Testbuild: Sabi96

Giaru resembles two gears, with six cogs each, interlocking. The cogs of the gears are a light grey, while the central regions are much darker. Their left eyes are a simple "X", while their right eyes are very wide with a black pupil and a white cornea. They have round green noses and small mouths that are held wide open.

Height : 23.5 cm
Width : ??????
Pages : 9
Difficulty : Medium/Hard
Testbuild : Oli Gig

 Yoshi is a fictional dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo. His debut was in Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as Mario's accomplice, and he later established his own series with several platform and puzzle games, including Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. He has also appeared in many of the spin-off Mario games, such as the Mario Party, the Mario Kart, and the Super Smash Bros. series, as well as in other various Mario sports titles. Yoshi also appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii as the characters' accomplice, similar to his original debut role in Super Mario World. Like several other charcters in the Mario series, Yoshi is named after his species of the same name. Yoshis come in many different colors, though his original and most common color is green. Yoshi's latest appearance is in Super Mario Galaxy 2

 Height: 16.3 cm
Width: 13.9 cm
Pages: 5
Difficulty: Meduim
Testbuild : Oli Gig

I rushed the build a bit on this one, but here you go.
Aipom appear to be purple monkeys, with beige color on their faces, ear insides, belly, feet and tails. Their faces have round eyes and a constantly cheeky smile. Along their heads are large, oval-shaped ears and a cowlick. An Aipom's arms are completely purple with no actual paws nor fingers present, while they do have visible feet instead.


Height: 12 cm
Width: 6.1 cm
Pages: 2
Difficulty: Easy/Meduim
Testbuild : Sabi96

Unown is a very mysterious Pokemon. Commonly found in ruins, it has 28 different appearances, each resembling a character from the English alphabet. This craft is of an Unown resembling "Z".

Currently, there is only 2 PDO's, but I will work on getting some PDF's ready. Though I have not built the model, the middle of the eye or the back look like the best closing spots. I don't think it can stand up straight, so attach some string and hang it from your ceiling.


Feet to tip:10 1/2 cm
Arm to arm: 12 cm
Pages: 4
Difficulty: Hard
Testbuild : Kupo408

Here it is, our first released model! Coming with 6 different colours, its a Luma! The download includes 13 PDFs, 1 normal and one painted tabs template for every colour, plus a folding guide. The model also includes instructions, to make up for the lack of a PDO.

Assembly help: I started from the feet and went upwards, and closed at the tip. The eyes can be built at anytime. The model can't stand straight up, but can lean backwards in a more natural pose.